Wine House - Allows our diners to enjoy delicious wine at great prices, with the option to take the wine away at retail prices.

The Wine House; inspired by a passion for hospitality and wine, offers a bistro-style dining experience featuring local produce paired with a large international selection of boutique wines.

Technology Used

  • Angular
  • Node JS

Key Challenges

  • The important & very first challenge that we faced was the website was attacked by a malicious virus that was directly impacting not only the website but also the business.
  • With a very basic theme, the website was built on the oldest version of WordPress.
  • Hosted on a poor server and due to this its speed was impacting

Solution Implementation

The ultimate goal is to view the progress of the website with the fast comet hosting server. Rebuild the entire website using the latest WordPress theme & version. To improve the website speed suggested video and image optimization & implementation.


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